Islamabad-Chairman National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Qamar Zaman Chaudhry yesterday said that anti-corruption agencies alone cannot overcome corruption and youth need to stand against the menace.

The chairman was addressing a national seminar on “Role of youth in eradication of corruption” held in Higher Education Commission (HEC).

He said corruption is a globally recognised as one of the world’s greatest obstacles to sustainable economic growth and building a strong moral and ethical society.

He said that to create awareness about the ill-effects of corruption among the youth, the NAB and HEC have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to make concerted efforts for rooting the scourge from the society.

He said that NAB is legally mandated to eradicate and prevent corruption in the country, therefore, it is determined to create a strong partnership with HEC to create awareness amongst the youth about the ill-effects of corruption.

“Under the awareness regime more than 42 thousands of Character Building Societies (CBS) have been established in educational institutions all over the country for sensitizing the future leaders of our country against corruption,” he said.

The NAB chief stated that the prevention regime is another effective tool to combat corruption and misuse of authority at an early stage before it happens.

“A large number of Prevention Committees have been established at NAB HQ and Regional Bureaus levels,” he said.

He said in the first 9 months of this year, it stands at 76%. The PILDAT in its latest report has acknowledged the efforts of NAB for reinvigorating its function.

Due to the bureau’s efforts PILDAT, Transparency International, Mishal and World Economic Forum have appreciated its performance, he said.

The chairman said in a developing country like Pakistan, where each borrowed dollar must be spent to uplift the people from poverty, it has a significant negative impact.

He said the average citizen suffers because the facilities which were to be created by that loan in the first place do not get established and secondly it adds to the national debt burden.

NAB chairman stated that the fact that corruption has become a way of life neither excuses its continuation, nor makes it acceptable for those whose lives are impoverished by its persistence.

He also said that the process of accountability has to be central concept where each and every one of us needs to adopt this concept of transforming the mindset of acceptance of corruption to a one of total rejection and zero tolerance.

He said, in order to tackle corruption successfully it must be understood that the anti-corruption agencies alone cannot overcome this ordeal and all segments of society especially the youth need to stand united against corrupt practices as they are the future of Pakistan.

Meanwhile Chairman HEC Dr Mukhtar Ahmed urged teachers to pay due attention to training of their students apart from imparting education.

“The responsibility of stemming corruption lies on all of us. However, the biggest responsibility lies on the shoulders of teachers to train the youth against the menace of corruption,” he emphasised. 

Chairman HEC said that corruption, nepotism, and irregularity have pervaded the entire social fabric and it is a question mark for every Pakistani that institutions are calling for anti-corruption efforts in a country which was founded in the name of faith.

He stressed the need for purifying intentions and becoming a nation in a true sense to jointly stop corruption. “We have to realise the dream of Quaid-i-Azam and Allama Iqbal,” he urged.

The Chairman said that HEC is a part of NAB’s struggle to root out corruption and it is committed to fighting the menace in the most important sector of the country.

It is our responsibility to say no to corruption and not allow anybody to perpetrate the crime in any way, he stressed.