LOS ANGELES-Anne Hathaway is reportedly considering an offer to star in the upcoming 'Sesame Street' movie, while she has also been given the changes to appear in 'The Witches'.

The 36-year-old actress is said to be considering taking on the part in Warner Bros.' live action musical, although she is also fielding an offer for Robert Zemeckis' upcoming project 'The Witches'.

According to Collider, Hathaway is being considered for a big part in the film adaptation of the popular childrens show. 'Portlandia' director and co-creator Jonathan Krisel is set to be at the helm of the film, while Shawn Levy will produce alongside Michael Aguilar.

While Mike Rosolio wrote the first draft of the script, the most recent was penned by Chris Galletta, at Warner Bros. Sesame Workshop - which has the rights to the show - will also be involved.

Hathaway is said to have been offered the role of Sally, which is the name a girl who appeared in the first first episode of the show and was given a tour of Sesame Street where she met many of the beloved characters.

The educational series first premiered in 1969, and combines live-action and puppetry with animation with a host of Jim Henson characters including Big Bird, Bert, Ernie, Cookie Monster, Elmo and Oscar the Grouch.

In 2015, 'Sesame Street' signed a five-season deal with HBO - after years on PBS - and Levy continues to work on the series after coming on board in 2012.

Meanwhile, Hathaway - who recently starred in heist blockbuster 'Ocean's 8' over the summer - will soon be seen in thriller 'Serenity' and comedy 'The Hustle', while she also recently finished work on Netflix drama 'The Last Thing He Wanted'.

She also has previous experience with 'Sesame Street', having sang 'I Want A Snuffleupagus For Christmas' with Big Bird and Snuffy during the 1007 holiday special 'Elmo's Christmas Countdown'.