Islamabad-The Islamabad Highway has descended into a series of potholes and craters and turned into a permanent nuisance for the road-users, it has been observed.

A long stretch of the busiest artery between Rawalpindi and Islamabad requires the attention of CDA to ease daily traffic congestion.

The two lane roads on each side from Gulberg Housing Society entrance up to Rawat have developed cracks and large potholes.

The construction work for expansion of the road from Koral to Rawat is also underway which creates problems for the commuters. At some points, surface of the road has eroded, turning a length of the road bumpy. The motorists shuttling on the road have to slow down their vehicles due to the surface. The situation is worse for heavy vehicles which have to negotiate the bumps and humps frequently.

Sufyan Javed, a road-user told The Nation said that they have to think before leaving office for home due to the terrible traffic condition on the road. “It will take almost 90 minutes to reach Media Town from Zero Point.

The situation gets worse in the evening as heavy traffic occupies both lanes of the road from Koral Chowk to Rawat and long queues of vehicle would follow them,” he said. Sufyan said the road up to Koral Chowk however, is in a better condition.

The broken portions of the road create traffic jams for hours and also increase the chances of accidents. To express their grievances, the residents of nearby localities stage protest by blocking the road. Long queues of the vehicles can be seen in case blockade of the road for minutes only.

Shafqat Ali, a frequent commuter between Zero Point and Media Town entrance told The Nation that the road from Zero Point to Khanna Pul is in a slightly better condition. “However, commuting from Koral Chowk up to T-Chowk is a nightmare. The road becomes narrow thre and serves as a bottle neck. The construction work is also in progress and it takes over an hour to pass a 30-km stretch from Zero Point to Koral Chowk,” he said.

He lamented that wedding halls also cause traffic rush on the road. The government has spent billions on the metro bus project in Islamabad and Rawalpindi but neglected the roads.