One of the major social evil of Indo-Pak is the dowry. A few courageous people have audacity to discourage this brutal legacy of sub-continent. People usually declare it as their fundamental right linked with marriage. They are of the opinion that bride’s guardians have to contribute towards the financial stability of the new couple. Dowry has become so vital in our culture and society that people usually focus on the worth of dowry and even do not consider the nobility of bride and her family. The dowry has become major reason for countless deaths in Pakistan. For the poor, the necessity of giving dowry is an incubus, many fall in debt and mental diseases.

All these factors contribute towards materialistic society. It vanished the true spirit and aim of marriage. This factor neglects the mental compatibility of couple and just weighs them on gold and money. It leads to tragic end of the of the marriage. Also; poor parents of young girls remain under stress of saving money and spending all saving of their life on dowry of daughter.

Indeed; this evil should be addressed on war footing. Raising the intellectual level of youth can mitigate the severity of problem. In this regards, young men have to be courageous enough to disown dowry and manage all basic necessities of lives for themselves.


Lahore, November 21.