LOS ANGELES-Nicole Kidman has urged moviegoers to throw their support behind lower-budget productions.

The Academy Award-winning actress recognises that the movie business is facing increased competition from the TV industry, and Nicole has therefore stressed the importance of looking beyond the blockbuster productions.

The Australian actress – who stars in the Joel Edgerton-directed drama 'Boy Erased' – said: "These films are hard right now. They're hard to get audiences for. They're hard to get made." Nicole explained that a production like 'Boy Erased' needs more support from moviegoers than another of her new films, the superhero film 'Aquaman'.

She told Australia's ABC: "You know, I'm also in 'Aquaman'. That is not hard to get made. It's a whole different thing and it's nice to be fun.

"But this is where you go 'please go and see these movies' because otherwise we won't have the chance to make them anymore."

Meanwhile, 'Aquaman' director James Wan recently hailed Nicole's attitude during the shoot for the new movie. The filmmaker, was forced to endure some particularly punishing times on set, likening one scene to "being pelted with rocks".

Recalling his experience of working with the award-winning actress, James shared: "Nicole was a trooper, because really, we were pummelling her with this massive water tank that shoots rainstorms, just coming down on her. When you get hit with those, it's like being pelted with rocks."