Street infringement is the term used for any criminal offense in public places such as in Bazars, stations and highways. It includes wallet/purse snatching, pickpocketing, mobile snatching, auto snatching on gun point and target killing. Street crimes not only detrimental to our society but also a question mark on defense system and security of general citizen. These crimes have generated fear in the mind of people about the safety of life and asset. People are scared to go alone anywhere especially at night. Every individual has its own story with regard to crime.

Today a young man tried to snatch the purse of a Lady near railway station Lahore. Culprit escaped instantly as woman cried. Police didn’t take any action against these thieves. Major causes of these crimes are unemployment, illiteracy, poverty, fundamentalism, backwardness, waywardness and double standards prevailing in society.

Government should take serious steps to check these crimes such as to erase social differences among people, generating jobs and control inflation. Police authorities need to be more alert in safeguarding citizen’s lives and liberty which is the basic constitutional right of people of Pakistan.


Lahore, November 20.