Living upon the blessings of Allah and not giving others who are needy from that, who are we? Giving others from what we have but let’s have a selfie first, who are we? are we Muslims for real or just a show off?

Being Muslim is not about just giving zakat but it’s about giving zakat with good intentions instead of taking selfies and showing off. People do good to other, they do help others in the time of need but doing it with the intention to impress others is not good.

Islam commands us to live with simplicity, help others and not to hurt other consciously or unconsciously. But when I observe around what I see is that people now a day are not doing good for the sake of Allah, but they are doing so to increase their moral values in their society and that is pathetic. They are hurting those whom they are trying to help. Help others genuinely at least don’t make their need so public by socializing.

Who we are? Muslim! Muslims for real but not for show off.


Lahore, November 21.