LAHORE            -        The 8th Quaid-e-Azam Amateur Golf Championship will tee off today (Friday) here at Lahore Gymkhana Golf Course.

This was stated by Convener Gymkhana Golf Shaukat Javed in a press conference attended and addressed by Captain Golf Omer Zia, Director Media Khawaja Pervaiz Saeed and chief of sponsoring companies LamproMellon, Sifive and Risc, Mir Maaz Mehmood. Shaukat Javed said eligible to participate in this grand event being held in the name of ‘Father of the Nation’ are registered amateurs with a handicap of 14 and below.

Captain Golf Omer Zia said besides the top amateurs, also eligible to participate are senior amateur golf players, veterans and ladies. He said amateurs with handicap of 14 and below will compete over 36 holes on December 7 and 8, while senior amateurs above 55 years of age and ladies will compete over 18 holes on December 6. As for the veterans above 70 years, they will compete over 9 holes on December 6. And the category of veterans over 80 years will compete over 6 holes.

Khawaja Pervaiz said in numerical terms, the competing hopefuls add up to a total of 213, with amateur competitors being 120, senior amateurs 63, ladies 20, veterans in age bracket 70 to 80 are 40 and veterans above 80 years eight. As for the championship title, it will be awarded to the participating competitor with the best net score.

Speaking on behalf of the sponsors, Mir Maaz Mehmood gave very pleasing news that the companies LampronMellon and Sifive seek over 20,000 engineers, whom they plan to train and recruit into the field of chip designing. And once these talented engineers are trained, they will be enjoying rewarding salaries. He also shared that CEO of these companies is a lady Sabahat Rafique, a Pakistani American with scholarly traits and an accomplished one of this chip designing field and she and her husband are known the world over.

Khawaja Perviaz also said that the playing arena is the par 72, excellent Lahore Gymkhana Golf Course layout, and for three rounds it will be ‘the player versus the golf course’. Fairways are in superb condition and will facilitate crisp shot making; the roll on the greens is amply smooth to enable top contenders to go for the six footers. This golf course has a refreshing appearance and participating golfers will be delighted with the playing conditions.