LAHORE - Holding the present and former rulers responsible for the downfall in different sectors, Jamaat-e-Islami chief Senator Sirajul Haq sees no improvement in the prevailing situation without getting rid of the feudal and imperialist class ruling over the country for seven decades. Presiding over a meeting of party workers at Mansoora on Thursday, he said the ruling elite hijacked the society and were responsible for the division in the country.

A class-based education system, rising poverty, unemployment and ignorance were the gifts of the ruling class to the ordinary Pakistanis, he added. Declaring the PTI government as the agent of the status quo powers, Siraj said the ruling party failed to fulfill even one of its promises it made to the masses during election campaign. He said the PTI was frequently lying to the masses about the improvement in economy by quoting the different reports. He said the reports on economy were contrary to the ground situation. A common man, he said, lost buying capacity and could not afford two times meal in a day due to multiple increases in prices of food items.