LOS ANGELES            -             Tommy Hilfiger feels ‘’lucky’’ to have collaborated with Zendaya. The 68-year-old designer worked with Zendaya, 23, on her debut collection for his brand in March and they followed up with a second drop in September and Tommy is happy that they snapped her up before her role in critically acclaimed TV show ‘Euphoria’ helped her profile to skyrocket.

He told Footwear News: ‘’When she started collaborating with us, we thought, ‘OK, this is great. She’s a TV star, she’s a movie star, she’s a musician’. But what we didn’t know was that she was going to come out with a new show called ‘Euphoria’ that was going to skyrocket. I think that it was maybe luck that we engaged with her at that time.

Tommy also believes the young actress is mature ‘’beyond her years’’ and he praised her for being ‘’very present’’.

He said: ‘’She said, ‘Yeah, I think like a 70-year-old’. And I really believe that because she’s so in tune with life. She’s very, very present, and she’s very aware of everything that’s going on around her.’’

And Tommy says his brand has always been influenced by the ‘’music fashion revolution’’ and he believes it is important to develop a link between musicians and pop culture.