KARACHI - Once again the City of lights fell into darkness after the ghost of terrorists haunted it. Karachi the financial hub and the hope for the poor, especially the labourers was seen mysterious after the two explosions. All the activities of the common man were suddenly stopped. Commuters were seen scattered because of the shortage of the transport on roads while all the petrol pumps and shops were closed. All the exams were cancelled by the University of Karachi and in other institutes. These types of incidents were not new for the people of Karachi because they had become addict to all these happenings. This was the second attack on the Shia of Karachi who had suffered a great loss in Ashura procession on 28 December on MA Jinnah Road. While 37 political activists of different political parties were killed in the recent wave of target-killings over the last five days. A shopkeeper Ayub, while talking to The Nation, said that he would have born a great loss in the next three days because all shops would be closed following the incidents in the city. This is my sole mean of earning while on the other hand the prices of daily-use items have gone up, he deplored. According to the Alliance Market Association and Karachi Traders Action Committee all the business activities would be suspended in condolence with the 25 martyrs of the blasts for the next three days that will further cause a great loss to the business activities. The city basically was confronting the three types of violence - ethnic, political and religious which have turned it into the bloodiest place for the last three months. The crises are increasing day-by-day whereas the Rangers have been given full authority to tackle the miscreants but all the measures seem useless, Muhammad Irfan, a young man criticized. He said that the students who had exams next day would bear a loss of their studies as they always remain ready to face these types of incidents in daily routine. He showed his disappointment about his future that how would he be able to achieve his goals in this period of inflation, violence and terrorism. He said that the government had failed to control all the failures caused by the inflation and the terrorist activities which was dominating our society. A Labourer Abdus Samad expressed his views and said that he always suffered the shortage of flour, sugar, milk and vegetables whenever this kind of mayhem broke out in the city. He said that he had reached home by foot as transport was not available on roads. He said that he was the only bread-earner for his family and earn daily wage concerning that how would he purchase goods for his family when all the city will be closed for three more days. He said that he earn Rs 6,000 per month in which he cant earn the bread for his family and now another incident had taken place.