Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran  Khan said  a coalition government must be set up in Kabul or there would  be more bloodshed when Western troops pulled out.

"My fear is that they are going to leave a far bigger mess than was left by the Soviets when they left because there could be a civil war there now," he said this in an interview with Sky TV on Monday.

"The army now is well armed and from the Northern Alliance. The Pashtuns with the Taliban are not armed... they are with the majority, he added.

"Once they (Nato) leave there is going to be a civil war, a power struggle there exactly like what happened after the Russians left. Hundreds of thousands of people died”, he cautioned.

I think Khan is cutting across and touching a cord. The word change is being associated with him in Pakistan they way you saw the word change happening with Obama.