Warning that a failure to resolve the Kashmir issue could lead to another disaster, the Parliamentary Committee on Kashmir under the chairmanship of JUI-F leader Maulana Fazlur Rehman has urged the United Nations to place sanctions on India. The committee rightly asked why since it was India itself that took the matter to the UN, did it later renege on the resolutions. Of course, it is now up to the UN to see to it that its resolutions of 1948 granting the Kashmiris their inalienable right to decide their fate through an impartial plebiscite are acted upon. For otherwise, in case the UN becomes a debating club doing virtually nothing over a dispute with the potential of becoming a nuclear flashpoint and threat to global security, it would be considered more or less playing the same role that the League of Nations was limited to; failing to bring peace to the world.

The fault also lies with us. Imagine that on the Kashmir Day when the beleaguered people are to be given hope and strength, our Commerce Secretary Munir Qureshi uttered highly insensitive remarks that India would be given the Most Favoured Nation status come what may. This amounts to making a travesty of the tense situation up in the Valley, the very courage and belief of the people who for more than half a century have bravely stood against the Indian occupation.