The malady of ill-fated and rather ill-treated city of Karachi can be termed as “Karachi-itis.” It is characterized by chronic lawlessness and disorder coupled with acute episodes of sudden outbreak of violence. The etiology of this disease shows that the patient was deliberately inflicted with the virus of ethnic prejudices by the vested political interests in the 80’s. As the incubation period for the disease was short, therefore symptoms soon became apparent in the form of ethnic discontent and general unrest.

This poor patient has been without adequate medical care or any attendant ever since. Having been nobody’s cup of tea, all the so-called stakeholders or relatives to this poor patient seem reluctant to share the responsibility for its treatment and rehabilitation. Now, as the wound has become highly inflamed, therefore simple treatment is not going to work at all, an extensive and effective surgery by some competent surgeon, removing all the rogue elements from the city is highly recommended. Paramedics and other quacks can no longer help it.

All talks of across-the-board surgery by the successive governments have failed, where surgery was required only mild painkillers have been occasionally given and the pulsating raw wounds have been covered with band-aids. Now, as excessive bleeding has started the delay could be fatal. It’s time to properly diagnose and treat the malady of Karachi; otherwise the prognosis clearly indicates a state of utter confusion and ultimate anarchy.


Lahore, February 4.