Regrettably, the number of quacks has increased alarmingly in every city of Sindh. This is because the poor people cannot afford going to a regular doctor as well as non availability of doctors. In the rural areas the conditions are worse, quacks have damaged the health of several patients by prescribing fake and outdated medicines, the same purchased from the shops run by their relatives.

The government doctors posted at Basic Health Units (BHUs)/Rural Health Centers (RHC) dispensaries usually come for a day or two each month, and go back to the cities where they run their private nursing homes or clinics the rest of the time. In Sindh, malnutrition in children figures very high; this is largely ignored by our so-called national media, particularly, the electronic media, which turns a blind eye to the harsh economic realities faced by 85 percent of our people. These serious issues need to be addressed as it is affecting the poor drastically.


Islamabad, January 26.