The Supreme Court was asked to restrain the CEC from performing his functions and request the Chief Justice of Pakistan to nominate a Judge of the Supreme Court as the Acting Chief Election Commissioner.

The incumbent Chief Election Commissioner had swindled no less than nine Judges of the apex Court to let his client Nawaz Sharif take political advantage of the Memo Case, the Supreme Court was informed in a petition.

As the Senior Advocate, Fakhruddin G. Ibrahim had “belied” the Court “chiefly to give a political advantage to a political party” and later quietly withdrew from the case, the petition pointed out. The Sr. ASC “can tell a lie for the rich and speak the truth against the poor”, the petition cautioned.

The Chief Election Commissioner was duty bound to disqualify any person for giving false evidence but how could a person “who himself cheated/swindled the apex Court disqualify a liar”, the petition questioned.

Petitioner Shahid Orakzai alleged that the withdrawal of Sr. ASC was “double cheating” as he had intelligently pulled the curtain on his false pretense of being unwell on the day the apex Court heard the PML (N) President in person. In fact he had secretly agreed with his client to let him “exploit the audience for political tirade against Federation” for which Nawaz Sharif had prepared written material that could not be done at the eleventh hour. The Supreme Court would be hearing the Memo Case on Feb. 12.

Petitioner said the Sr. ASC was not be a “habitual liar and may seem to be stating the fact, or speaking the truth, in cases of ordinary litigants” but he can do just the opposite for an “influential client or a person with a financial promise”.

His withdrawal application, put before the Court, does not say whether he did return the whole or a portion of the fee to the client or retained that fee for accommodating the political wish of his client to make news headlines.

The Court was asked to confirm that its Senior Advocate was nominated by Leader of Opposition Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan who leads PML (N) in the National Assembly and a finger was pointed at the case wherein he had secured the re-entry into Pakistan for the ex-Prime Minister and ex-Chief Minister Punjab despite resistance from ex-President Pervez Musharraf.