I am a resident of Defence Phase 5, Karachi. Last week three people came to my house as representatives of Election Commission for the purpose of voter lists verification process. They gave me a form that had to be filled out with the names, CNIC and date of births of my registered family voters. It is pertinent to mention here that the verification form was composed of two sections, in which the first section was to be filled by the residents with the above mentioned particulars, and the other section was to be filled by ECP representatives for complete verification purpose of existing voter lists.

I filled my respective section very carefully and returned the form to be filled by the ECP representatives. I was shocked when they did so with a pencil. A lead pencil was used to fill in the details which could easily be erased later. How can anyone use a lead pencil for such an important form? It is unheard of in any country. Is this an indication of some kind of pre poll fraud? Such incidents raise many questions in the mind of common man.

Being a citizen, I strongly condemn such forged process of voter lists verification. I protest against this bogus and suspicious procedure. Election Commission of Pakistan is an independently democratic institution by the constitution of Pakistan. It is expected that this time verification will be carried out fairly, but unfortunately it seems as if certain elements do not want the ECP to do its job properly. Corrective measures are required to be taken by Election Commission Pakistan to ensure that the controversial voter lists disputes are resolved at the earliest.


Karachi, February 4.