LAHORE - At a seminar held to mark Kashmir Day, the PPP leaders on Wednesday called for solution of Kashmir dispute with India as per the wishes of the Kashmiri people.
The speakers urged the United Nations to play its role to resolve the conflict by holding plebiscite in the valley as per its resolutions. They also accused the present government of adopting an ambiguous policy on Kashmir issue, which, they alleged, tantamount to betrayal with the national cause.
Speaking on the occasion Navid Ch lamented that while India was openly violating human rights in the occupied Kashmir, the UN, otherwise a champion of such rights, was watching all this as silent spectator.
He alleged that present government had done nothing significant to highlight the issue at the international fora.
Barrister Aamer Hasan asked the government to make its policy on Kashmir clear to the nation.
He said PPP had been fighting for the right to self-determination of the Kashmiris but the present government had not shown its seriousness to raise the issue at the international level.  It had not taken up the same with India which continues to suppress the Kashmiris by brutal use of force, he added.
Barrister Aamer said that PPP founder Z.A Bhutto had declared Kashmir a ‘jugular vein’ and the party would continue to support the Kashmiri people till they got freedom.
Hasan further stated that it was during the days of Z. A Bhutto that government started observing February 5 as Kashmir Day at the national level.
Prof Ejazul Hasan alleged that PML-N government had no clear policy on Kashmir as it wanted to oblige the foreign powers by not pressing the issue too hard. 
Zahid Zulfiqar said that freedom of Kashmir had been a corner stone of PPP government’s foreign policy since the times of Z.A Bhutto who had talked of fighting for the cause of Kashmir even for hundred years.