I want to draw the attention of the Federal Minster for Railways towards the initiation of a train for Karachi from the Tehsil Kundian Railway Station. There is a lot of man power working in different capacities at the Chashma Nuclear Power Plant, situated at Tehsil Kundian in the district of Mianwali, from all over Pakistan especially from the major cities of Sindh, KPK, Balochistan and Punjab. 

The station is located at a very strategic point that enjoins Punjab and KPK. Even Zhob (Balochistan) is not far away from this point. However, unfortunately, this part of Pakistan has been deprived of updated communication facilities. Frequent and fast railway facilities along with better road transport networks are not available. Even the facility of a standard bus service from Chashma to Multan is not available for the public thus reducing its connectivity from all other parts of Pakistan.  

It is suggested that a separate train must be built that runs from Kundian via Multan for Karachi. The railway stop at ‘Khankah Sirajia’ has been turned into ‘Mound’ which needs to be renovated urgently. A separate railway line must also be built to approach Quetta from Kundian. Now the time has come to work on the connectivity links in order to bridge the ever-expanding gap between big and small cities.  


Islamabad, January 5.