AHMEDPUR EAST-The prime minister should resign as he has no right to serve on the post after being exposed by Panama papers, PTI leader and former MNA Arif Aziz Sheikh said.

Talking to media here the other day, he showered PTI chairman Imran Khan with praises for his bold stance against corrupt rulers who have been plundering the public wealth for decades. “If Nawaz Sharif considers that corruption allegations against him are false then he should challenge BBC and ICIJ in the court of law,” he pointed out. He alleged that the Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif had shifted funds of Bahawalpur local bodies’ institutions for the construction of Metro Bus and Orange Line Projects in Lahore. He regretted that inhabitants of the region do not have even clean drinking water facility. He said that PTI will continue struggling to make Pakistan an Islamic welfare state, adding that the party will overturn the Sharif family rule with assistance of the masses.

To a question, he said that the PML-N leadership won the 2013 general elections from Bahawalpur region on promise of development of the South Punjab region. “The government allocates huge funds for development projects in South Punjab every year but the funds are allegedly diverted to Lahore,” he regretted. The Pakistani youth has now risen up for their rights under the dynamic leadership of Imran Khan who is the only leader which can change the destiny of the country, he pointed out. He told the media that Imran khan will address a public meeting soon in Ahmedpur East.