ISLAMABAD : Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC) delegation would visit Thailand to meet the Tourism Minister, head of Tourism Police and Thai Tourism Authorities high officials for enhancing bilateral ties in the field of tourism.

To learn from their experience and explore the possibilities to adopt their strategies for increaing tourism activities for Pakistan.

“We also develop different tourist literature in Thai language so that we may introduce Pakistan’s tourist destinations and attractions to Thai people”, MD PTDC Abdul Gafoor said.

He also requested the ambassador to support Pakistan’s tourism industry by providing in training of youth in tourism and hospitality sector.

MD informed that in addition to promoting Gandhara Heritage, we are also working to improve religious tourism, Eco tourism, Sport tourism and health tourism in Pakistan.

Health Tourism is trending in Pakistan and our specialist in Skin Surgery and Kidney and liver transplant are world famous. We will also coordinate with Sports board for promotion of sports.

The bilateral relations between Pakistan and Thailand are ideal and cooperation in the field of tourism will further enhance these ties.

Thai tourist flow is once again showing a remarkable increase over the previous two years after restoration of peaceful environment in Pakistan.

The significance of Buddhist civilization remains in Pakistan for Thai people can boost up tourist flow to Pakistan as a result of proper publicity.

Ambassador appreciated the efforts of MD for promoting a soft image of country by development in tourism sector and assured that Thailand Government will provide maximum possible assistance for restoration / maintenance of Ghandhara Archeological Sites in Taxila and Swat.

He told that the visit of Thai Monks to Khewra Salt Mines and Taxila arranged by PTDC was largely appreciated by the visiting delegates.

He told that a number of meetings have been arranged for MD PTDC during the visit arranged by embassy for PTDC to Thailand.