SADIQABAD-Despite spending Rs30 million on the rehabilitation of sewerage system, poor management and ill-planning let sewage turned the city into a sewage pond.

During a survey, residents of different areas informed this correspondent that the government has spent a huge amount on rehabilitation of the sewer system in the city during the past five years. They said objective of the project was to get the public rid of sewage-related problems. “But negligent and indifferent officials of the Public Health Engineering Department let the public money go down the drain through ill-planning, use of substandard material and poor management,” they alleged, adding that the poor sewage system is testifying the negligence of the corrupt officials who left the people bear consequences of their misdeeds.

The residents regretted that with the spending of such a huge money, a better and durable sewage system could have been built, adding that the officials indifference and corruption deprived the public of the benefits of the huge amount spent on the sewage system.

Residents including Zafar Iqbal, Mujahid Bashir, Zulfiqar Ali, Abdullah, Fazal Mehmood and Shabbir Ahmed demanded the Punjab Chief Minister, Health Secretary and the RY Khan Deputy Commissioner to take notice of the situation and awarded exemplary punishment to the officials involved in the embezzlement of public funds.