Although snowfall in upper parts of country has stopped but people still faced difficulties on Monday due to blockages created by snow.

Locals have been limited to their homes in Ghanche by cause of intense snowfall, and its connection to other cities is also cut off. Electricity is suspended in the area because electric poles have fallen.

Life in Skardu is also frozen due to record breaking snowfall. Two bridges over River Ravi are destroyed as well as two homes.

The rescue operation that was started yesterday after an avalanche struck Chitral’s village Sher Shal in Garam Chashma Tehsil has been completed.

The avalanche destroyed more than twenty houses. Rescue teams have recovered two people alive, and ten dead bodied.

Moreover, there is shortage of medicines in hospitals and the area is facing load shedding that is causing trouble for people. Links roads are still blocked in the affected area after snowfall.