HAFIZABAD  -Local Citizens particularly students of different schools and colleges, pedestrians, housewives and motorists have strongly condemned the attempt of pushcart owners to resurface on busy roads to pressurise the administration by staging protest with the connivance of the mafia.

It is learnt that a close relative of PML-N MPA and President of the so-called push-cart owners union, who is also a councillor, in collusion with some corrupt official of the municipality is pressurise the administration to come back on the eight "red zones"(busiest thoroughfares of the city) where push cart owners have been prohibited.

It may be mentioned that Federal Minister Saira Afzal Tarar, DC Saleha Saeed, Municipal Chairman and Councillors of MC in consultation with the traders union, citizens and members of the civil society have decided to remove traffic mess on the busiest roads of the city to relieve the passes-by and motorists of unnecessary hardship and inconvenience. Consequently, all encroachments on the fixed red zones have been removed within fortnight and the roads were expanded.

They citizens' particularly male and female students and housewives had heaved a sigh of relief by removing the traffic hazards.

The pushcart owners were not deprived of their livelihood due to the anti-encroachment campaign and they were allowed to station their pushcarts in the two old (deserted) grain markets in the city and other non-important roads but they were willing to resurface on the red zones area by hook and crook.

The citizens have called upon the DC and civic authorities not to bow to the uncalled for pressure of the mafia and the encroachers and continue anti-encroachment drive to facilitate the citizens.