KARACHI  -  Like other parts of the country, Kashmir Solidarity Day was observed across the port city to draw attention of world towards the plight of Kashmiris and to support their right to self-determination in accordance with United Nation Security Council resolutions.

On the day, rallies, seminars and other programmes were held in different party of city by various political parties and organisations to express solidarity with the people of Kashmir whereas special prayers were held at mosques to pay homage to martyrs of Kashmir and success of liberation movement in Indian held Kashmir valley.

The workers and supporters of the Jamaat-e-Islami took out a Kashmir Solidarity rally from Jail Chowrangi which after passing through Mazar-e-Quaid concluded at M A Jinnah Road Karachi. They participants of rallies were carrying placards and banners inscribed with slogans against the atrocities of Indian Army in occupied Kashmir.

The participants chanted slogans “Kashmir Banega Pakistan”-Kashmir will join Pakistan, “Kashmir Ki Azadi Tak Jang Jari Raehigi”-War till Kashmir gets freedom and others. They also condemned the barbaric attitude and brutalities of the Indian occupation forces on peaceful Kashmir citizens.

Speaking on the occasion JI Karachi Chief Hafiz Naeemur Rehman, said that illegitimate use of force by Indian army in occupied valley of Kashmir had miserably failed to suppress indigenous freedom movement. Further condemning the gross human rights violation committee by the Indian armed forces, Hafiz said that people of Pakistan will continue moral support to Kashmir movement until struggling people get their right of self-determination. He said that time has arrived for the international community to wake up from the long sleep and put pressure on Indian to give fundament right of plebiscite to the oppressed Kashmiri people.

Addressing the rally, JI Naib Ameer Asadullah Bhutto said that Kashmiris were fighting a war for the completion of Pakistan established by Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah while Kashmir is not just a name any area but a name of ideology. Further criticising ruling Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz government, he said that it is unfortunate that the rulers before election promised to give priority to Kashmir issue but so far nothing visible has been done in this regard. He said that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi taking full advantage of our weakness was violating ceasefire on the line of control (LoC) due to which our army personnel and innocent citizens embraced martyrdom. He said that India’s barbarism in occupied Kashmir has reached to extreme heights. Bhutto said that tension between Pakistan and India will never end until the Kashmir issue is resolved as it occupation of the Indian army in Kashmir valley is incomplete agenda of sub-continent’s partition.

JI leader further asked the government to raise the voice in United Nation to ensure implementation of its resolutions, acknowledging the right of self-determination of the people of Kashmir.

Similarly, Difa-e-Pakistan Council also held a rally to express solidarity with Kashmiri brethren. The rally was taken out from Safari Park-University Road while after moving on various roads concluded at Kashmir Road Karachi. People from all walks of life participated in the rally while leaders of various political parties including MQM-P Mehfooz Yar Khan, Milli Muslim League Pakistan Muzamil Iqbal Hashmi, Difa-e-Pakistan Council Bilal Haider Chema, JUP Allama Aqeel Anjum, JuD Imran Bhatti, Palestine Foundation Sabir Abu Maryium, All Pakistan Sunni Tehreek Matloob Awan attended the rally.

Addressing the rally, the speakers said that people of Kashmir have been braving atrocities of the Indian armed forces for last 70 years during which thousands of Kashmiris have sacrificed their lives. They said that the day is not far away now when the Kashmiris will see the freedom of their occupied land.

They also demanded that a thorough probe by international experts be initiated into the use of chemical weapons and pallet guns in the held Kashmir by Indian army. They said that Kashmir is the jugular vein of Pakistan and Pakistan is incomplete without Kashmir.

They regretted that the UN has done nothing as yet for the oppressed and suppressed people of Kashmir who are braving inhuman treatment meted to them Indian occupation army to crush their long struggle for self-determination.

Furthermore, Sindh Governor Muhammad Zubair in his message has said that acceptance of Kashmiris demands will help to restore peace in the region. He said heart of Pakistanis and Kashmiris beat together in terms of religion, belief and culture. Since long the people of Kashmir were rendering sacrifices for the independence and the only way to settled the dispute is acceptance of Kashmiris demands accordance with the resolution adopted by UN‘s security council.

Moreover, Aafia Movement leader Dr Fowzia in message on Kashmir day, said that the United Nation has failed to get implemented the resolutions on Kashmir passed by its security council. She said had the Pakistani rulers tried to get resolved the Kashmir Issue as per the vision of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, this issue would already have resolved a long ago.



She asked when we would show seriousness to get stopped the massacre, plunder and rape of the innocent Kashmiris including women and girls at the hand of the Indian occupation forces. She said it seems that we are content with to observe just a ‘day’ without taking efforts for helping the Kashmiris in winning freedom and attaining safety of life and property and getting prosperity, peace and development.

Dr Fowzia said national unity is necessary on the issues facing nation and country. She said if our politicians forge unity on the Kashmir Issue, this issue could be easily get resolved. She said the Kashmir Parliamentary Committee should play a proactive role to get the attention of the whole world diverted to the inhuman atrocities of the Indian occupation forces in the held Kashmir, adding it is not enough to hand over a resolution to a representative of the UN on the Kashmir Day.

Dr Fowzia regretted that countless Kahsmiri women, girls and children are being victimized by the Indian occupation forces. This grim situation demands a serious thinking and clear line of action from the peace-loving people as well as the human rights activists of whole world.

She demanded that more than 70,000 innocent Kashmiris languishing in the Indian jails should be freed, and inhuman pallet gun firing on protestors should be banned in whole world. She further said that brutal use of pellet guns by the Indian occupation forces on innocent civilian protestors of the occupied Kashmir is a plain violation of human rights and the United Nations (UN) should ban the use of pellet guns to disperse protestors not only in Kashmir but in whole world.