PESHAWAR -  Speakers at a seminar have urged upon the United Nations to ensure implementation of its resolutions to amicably resolve the core issue of Kashmir by accepting the right of self-determination of the people of the Jammu and Kashmir.

The seminar was organised by Jammu and Kashmir Council (JKC) Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa on the eve of ‘Kashmir Solidarity Day’ at Peshawar Press Club on Monday. Leaders of various political parties took part in the seminar wherein former federal minister Saleem Saifullah was the chief guest.

Keynote speakers include, council chairman Muhammad Amir Mossam Butt, JUI-F leader Haji Ghlum Ali, PPP’s Ayub Shah, Intikhab Chamkani Advocate and Sabir Hussain from JI, Nasir Musazai from PML-N, Pakistan Rah-e-Haq party chief former MPA Ibrahim Qasmi, Ikramullah Shahid, District Council deputy convener Qasim Shah, and right activist Dr Zakir Shah.

Besides, lawyers, civil society activists, leader of trade unions, government employees, workers of various political parties and people from different walks of life attended the seminar.

JUI-F leader Haji Ghulam Ali suggested that the world community should play its proactive role in bringing the two rivals, Pakistan and India, on the negotiation table and amicably resolve the core issue of Kashmir. He also strongly supported the struggle of Kashmiri people for the right to self-determination, adding the blood of Kashmiris would not go in vein, rather Kashmir one day will be freed from India occupied troops.

Jamaat-e-Islami leader Intikhab Chamkani said the India troops were committing worst kind of human right violations in the occupied Kashmir and called for revisiting the foreign policy with India and resolution of the core issue of Kashmir as per the wishes of Kashmiri people.

Ikramullah Shahid said the UN should play important role in the resolution of Kashmir issue. He said Kashmir issue was not just a territorial dispute but a question of people’s inherent right to self-determination. He added that brutal force and propaganda cannot gag the voice of freedom nor it can alter Pakistan’s resolute and principled stance on the issue of Kashmir.

Speakers said that Kashmir is not only the core issue of only Pakistan rather it has become a global issue. They said that implementation of the UN resolutions on Kashmir issue in accordance with the wishes of Kashmiri people is imperative for regional and global peace.

They urged upon the UN to ensure the implementation of its resolutions for amicable resolution of Kashmir issue, and called upon the Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC) and Muslim world to wake-up and take concrete steps for giving the right to self-determination to the people of Kashmir. They also viewed that Kashmir issue was not just a territorial dispute but a question of people’s inherent right to self-determination.

The speakers vowed that people of Pakistan will continue its support to Kashmiris in their movement for a right to self-determination. They also demanded of the government to effectively raise the voice of oppressed Kashmiris and stand with Kashmiris brethren through every thick and thin.

On the occasion, Saleem Saifullah called for adopting a new strategy to tackle with the authoritarian and growing influence of India in the region and stressed the need that the approach should be proactive to handle the core issue of Kashmir by using strong lobbying at the global level.

“We need to sort out a peaceful and durable solution to the core issue of Kashmir under a unified and organized strategy,” he emphasized.

He added that there was an utmost need to move forward with a new approach to resolve all outstanding issues, particularly the core issue of Kashmir.

A tribal elder said the worst kind human rights violations were being carried on in the Indian occupied Kashmir, but the UN didn’t take any notice of it. He said that Kashmir issue would only be resolved with the implementation of the UN resolutions in letter and spirit.

He also called upon the Muslim countries to get united to overcome the growing challenges to Muslims across the world.

They strongly backed the ongoing struggle of Kashmiri people for the right to self-determination and vowed to continue their moral support to oppressed Kashmiri people against the India forces atrocities upon them. They also asked the government of Pakistan and the world community to play an effective role for amicable resolution of the core issue.

Meanwhile, activists of religious and political parties and traders also taken out protest rallies aimed to condemn India forces atrocities against innocent civilian and express solidarity with the people of Kashmiri.