ISLAMABAD - The federal government has nominated 167 senior officers of different services groups for 25th senior management course at the National Management College Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad and Peshawar.

According to a notification issued by the Establishment Division, 12 officers of the Pakistan Administrative Service, 10 officers of the Police Service of Pakistan, nine officers of the Secretariat Group, 11 officers of Pakistan Audit and Accounts Service, seven officers of Foreign  Service of Pakistan Group,17th officers of Inland Revenue Service, 10 officers of Pakistan Customs Service and four officers of Election Commission of Pakistan, three officers of the Information Group have been nominated for the course. It said that six officers of National Accountability Bureau, three officers of Ministry of Interior, three officers of Law cadre, nine officers of Punjab Government and six officers of Government of Balochistan nominated for the course.

The course will start on February 22 and the nominated officers may report to the NIM Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar and Karachi  on February 18 and February 19. The nominated officers have also been advised to submit their medical reports to the concerned institutes. The notification further said that according to the revised promotion policy if an officer is nominated for the mandatory training and he or she declines to proceed for two consecutive training courses, he or she would forfeit their right to consideration for promotion.

If any case of any withdrawal of nomination either by the department or by the officer, the officer concerned will be responsible if it adversely affects his or her promotion prospects, the notification said.

It further said, as per the prime minister’s directives, all ministries, divisions and departments were bound to relieve the officers on their selection of the course. The ministries, divisions and departments shall make stop-gap arrangements in their respective departments in the absence of the nominated officers undergoing training.  The non-compliance of the prime minister’s directives shall necessitate disciplinary proceedings under the Government Servants Rules, 1973.