Food insecurity remains one of the major problems, the contemporary world has to overcome in a bid for survival. The decades-long food insecurity in Balochistan has made the people suffer.

According to a data by the Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI) that 30 out of 32 districts in Balochistan Province are confront the problem of food insecurity. Among which, the districts of Quetta and Jaffarabad are food-secure. It has no doubt that almost all these aforementioned districts rely on the agriculture sector which itself is handicapped in the province owing to drought and famine.

Over 80pc of crops in the province depends on the rainwater which is lost by the mismanagement. To take an example, almost 350,000 cusecs of water falls into the Arabain Sea when rain occurs which deprives the agriculture sector. Whilst, in the recent past, one cannot find a single large dam built to save rainwater going in waste.

According to different studies that over 1.76 million and Rs25bn cattle and area loss respectively were witnessed in the province which would get serious because of the population outburst.

The government and the concerned authorities need to look into the matter seriously so that precious lives are protected.


Turbat, January 21.