In many cities of Pakistan people have encountered over billing of gas. The domestic consumers have suffered a lot, the abnormal increase in the bills of domestic consumers which constrains them to protest, some relief should be given to people as already the price of gas has increased.

How can a person who belongs to middle class pay the bills which are above Rs15,000 those who has to pay school fee of his children and bear other expenditures and his total earning of the month is Rs30,000. Whether he pays the bill or fee of his children or buys food to eat. What can he do? Is that justice to the indigents? How can he run his family or does he just have to pay the bills?

Also, in most of the areas the supply of gas is also the major problem, those just use only one heater they have suffered too. In this frosty weather how can we demand someone not to use gas, its one of the basic necessity to have, we can’t say it’s a luxury it’s a prerequisite for a common man, its obvious when one uses gas he has to pay for it but not that much in thousands because middle class people don’t even use that much.

The officials in gas supply company make excuses about gas leakage and other lame excuses but no one makes proper investigation, if there is gas leakage then again the consumer has to suffer because of over billing and change of meter if its leakage from the meter he has to pay at any cost.

Inflation in billing makes people poorer and poorer, if we say don’t use electricity or gas then where would a person go, he has to survive, he needs essentials of living and these are the requirements, its nowhere written that upper class can relish with electricity or gas, while getting out of reach for middle class person.

May be those bills in thousands don’t matter for a wealthy person but for those who have to bear other expenses and they are restricted on a specific amount of wage, how can they pay, the dearness is increasing day by day, those people who don’t have sufficient amount of money to buy food how can they bear that, those whose children wait for their parents wage to get something for them, their all desires get ruined, children of middle class people also have some dreams in their sparkling eyes.

It’s not justice that electricity bills are increased in summer and gas bills are decreased but in winter, gas bills escalate and electricity bills are lessened, it’s a blessing that one bill gets lessened in a season but at the same time the other one is heightened and it is out of reach for a person to pay.

It is tranquil to say not to utilize gas but where to go then and what to do? Everything is easy to say but strenuous to implement, those people who have already bested in financial crisis, those who don’t have enough money to take medicines and to fulfill the desires of their children, those who can barely afford expenses of their children how can they be charged that much.

We should have a strong check and balance we invariably suffer from shortage of gas in winter so we should have to take some precautionary measures to avoid these kinds of situation, because comfort of the people should be first priority. These expenditures don’t make people progress because they also have to feed their children so what they should do? They have to pay the bills whether in four installments or whatever, relief should be given to people because poor are getting poorer day by day, if a person spends his whole income in paying bills how can he educate his children, with just one act people suffer a lot and their suffering cannot be felt by anyone. There should be proper check and balance on officials in gas and electric companies so that they work properly and people won’t encounter abnormal increase in billing because it adversely affects people’s life. One domain would be influenced directly because of the heavy amount, in winter they have to use and bills should be issued according to the usage of the consumer not for just burdening people.

This abnormal increase in billing should be adjusted and normal bills according to the usage should be issued to people so that they pay for what they use not for the extra charge, so that equality and justice would prevail in the society and people will be satisfied otherwise it’s a disaster for a common man who is relying solely on this wage. So we should consider these indigents and provide comfort to the layman instead of snatching it as it’s the basic right of every citizen.