I am the reader of multiple books, but after studying the book of 2nd year chemistry I got very disappointed by finding countless mistakes there since as a reader knows that chemistry is all about the chemical reactions and balancing the imbalance moles in reactions and products.

If a student is studying the books so they must be 100% correct because a student is a learner for getting the wrong information from the course, where can they perform well in tests or scholarships? However, they keep no idea about such mistakes in books, neither there is available well qualified teachers to teach clearly.

Suppose I am one of the oldest and the best lover of books who have been experiencing many modified and additional books, but this is the worst I have ever observed. Hence, I love to request to the government to have awareness about the books issues which are being followed by world wide students and to reader, please do care of the mistakes and try to recover them not ignore those.


Turbat, January 19.