KARACHI - Police Tuesday arrested two suspects for attacking and injuring a restaurant owner in Karachi.

The suspects including Mir Mustafa Rashdi his brother, Athar Rashdi were arrested by district Malir police for their alleged involvement in injuring a restaurant manager in Malir area. Police said that the restaurant manager, namely Bashir Ahmed, 45, was critically wounded as he was shot once in his face during a brawl at a restaurant in Malir area within the limits of Malir Cantonment police station.

The suspects along with their friends came to the restaurant where they scuffled with the waiters, said the officer. Following the scuffle, owner management and others also joined them and kicked them out of a restaurant.

Police said that the suspects came again to the restaurant where during a scuffle a manager was shot and injured. The suspects were later managed to escape after committing the crime. The police later conducted a raid in Keamari area and arrested both the suspects on Tuesday. The police managed to trace and arrest the suspects with the help of their black car which they left while fleeing, adding that the police also recovered the beer canes from a car.

The suspects admitted the scuffle but they denied their involvement in opening a fire saying that someone from the restaurant opened fire. Police said that the suspects did not have any affiliation with any political party, adding that the injured manager’s condition remained a critical while investigation is in progress.