ISLAMABAD-The internal rifts between CDA and MCI are badly affecting service delivery to general public in capital city and the poor state of affairs can be assessed from the fact that 10 out of total 22 ambulances are currently out of order.

The Capital Ambulance, Rescue and Emergency Services 1122 (CARES 1122) was formed to provide emergency services in accidents by providing first aid and further shifting of victims of different incidents to nearest most hospitals.

However, according to an official document, 10 out of total 22 ambulances of CARES 1122 are out of order nowadays in addition to several other vehicles deployed in different formations of Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad (MCI).

According to the details, 14 out of total 33 water tankers are currently off road while three out of total 11 streetlights division’s buckets are out of order. In Sanitation Directorate, four out of total seven skip lifters, two out of four dumpers, one out of seven compactors, one out of four mini dumpers,five out of six buckets and three out of seven tractor trolleys are off road while all tractors having blades are out of order.

Meanwhile, in environment directorate, 14 out of total 54 tractors and one out of two wheel dozers are out of order at present while the directorate have only one excavator, which is also off road.

Though, there was not an exemplary situation of service delivery in past however after devolution of several directorates of CDA to MCI in result of local government elections few years back, the situation become worse.

Sources informed that the aforementioned machinery is repairable but the continuous negligence of high-ups and a tug of war between CDA and MCI is ruining these assets.

Few weeks before, the Mayor of Islamabad Sheikh Anser Aziz had complained that CDA is not providing required funds to MCI due to which around 70 percent machinery of different formations is out of order. When contacted, CDA’s Spokesperson Syed Safdar Shah said that the civic authority is already giving funds for the salaries of MCI employees now how we can give them funds for other purposes as well.

“It is a routine of Mayor to shift the burden of his negligence on CDA,” he said, adding “MCI is collecting revenues under different heads in its own separate accounts than why they are reluctant to spent money out of these account,” he added.