ISLAMABAD - As the incumbent government is working to introduce amendments in NAB

laws, a clear division emerged in joint

opposition as both the major opposition parties [PPP and PML-N] prepared

different draft of proposals.

The join opposition had jointly raised

the matter for making ‘necessary’

amendments in NAB laws and finally

convinced the incumbent government

to do legislation with their consultation.

The federal government had asked all

the parliamentary opposition parties

to share their proposed amendments

in NAB laws as soon as possible.

The major opposition parties could

not develop consensus and prepared

different drafts [of proposal] to submit it to the government, background

discussions with opposition members

revealed. The opposition parties are

mainly interested to impose proposed

changes [in NAB laws] with effect from

ongoing cases.

As, currently opposition members

[MNAs] Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, Ahsan

Iqbal, Syed Khursheed Shah and others are currently facing cases under the

NAB laws in different matters.

Talking to The Nation, PPP Information Secretary Nafisa Shah said that the

amendments in the NAB laws should

have affect on current cases.

“Amendments should be implemented in current cases in NAB,” said PPP’s

MNA. When asked about difference of

opinion between the PML-N and PPP-P

in amendments, she said that both parties had different drafts of proposals.

The main opposition party – PML-N

has prepared its own proposals to bring

changes in the law. “The old law has lacunas, which needs to be changed as

earlier as possible,” said PML-N’s MNA

Javed Latif, talking to the newspaper.

All the lawmakers are interested to

bring ‘necessary’ changes in the current NAB laws. “It should have been

done earlier. Many lawmakers were affected by the NAB laws,” he said, who

was recently summoned by NAB in assets beyond means case.

On the other hands, the government

side will examine the proposal from opposition in its committee before reaching on consensus about changes in the

law. “Government will carefully examine the drafts of major opposition parties about bringing changes in NAB

laws,” said PTI’s chief whip in National Assembly Amir Dogar, talking to The


He said the opposition parties had

raised voices for bringing changes in

the current NAB laws but could not develop consensus in its own ranks. “Both

the major opposition parties have their

own set of proposals to make changes

in it,” said PTI’s member. He said the final draft [after vetting and discussion]

would be presented before Prime Minister Imran Khan. He said Incumbent

government wanted to resolve all the

matters with consensus.

Political observers assumed that the

matter regarding changes in NAB laws

would not be resolved immediately.

The government side might not accept

all the changes proposed by the opposition.

The government, other day [Thursday], had also introduced ‘NAB Accountability ordinance (second amendment), 2019’ ignoring the protest from

opposition benches in the National Assembly.

The statement of objects and reasons of ‘The National Accountability

Ordinance, 2019’ says, “Under the existing regime a number of inquiries

have been initiated against the holder

of public offices and government servants on account procedural lapses,

where no actual corruption is involved.

NAB, while assuming parallel jurisdiction, is also inquiring into matters pertaining to taxation, imposition of levies.

It is therefore felt necessary to define

through the subject amendments the

operational domain of NAB. ”