ISLAMABAD/LAHORE                      -                   Liquefied Petroleum Gas Industries Association Pakistan (LPGIAP) Chairman Irfan Khokhar Friday said a reasonable reduction in the commodity price was expected in the country after the slump in international market. “In the previous month, the contract price (CP) of per metric ton LPG was $583, while the current CP is around $533, which means there will be substantial decrease in the commodity price,” he said while talking to APP. He said almost 200 LPG marketing companies were operating across the country and providing the gas to consumers at the rates notified by Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority. Last year, he said the country imported around 224,026 MT LPG and produced 793,952 MT locally, adding the commodity supply remained smooth due to effective policies introduced by the Petroleum Division. He said all credit of stable LPG price and uninterrupted supply went to Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Petroleum Nadeem Babar. “It is the hallmark of PTI government that it has ended monopoly of the mafia in LPG industry by providing level playing field to all companies with equal distribution of the product.” Khokhar said Pakistan Petroleum Limited had started giving equal share of domestically produced LPG to all companies, and hoped that other producers would also follow the government guidelines to create an environment of competition, smashing the cartels. “Its ultimate benefit will go to the end users.”

LPG marketing companies hail OGRA’s decision to review dual jurisdiction

Pakistan LPG Marketers Association (PLPGMA) has welcomed OGRA’s decision to review the matter of dual jurisdictions and to make the process of obtaining license for transportation of LPG simpler. “We are thankful for OGRA’s decision to review earlier directives on aspects of LPG that are already being overseen by the Department of Explosives” said Chairman PLPGMA Farooq Iftikhar while referring to a recent letter issued from the office of Member (Gas) that has suspended OGRA’s earlier directive of obtaining licenses for transportation of LPG in addition to the ones already obtained from Department of Explosives.

 “OGRA’s review of matters of dual jurisdiction shall ensure a business friendly environment without compromising the safety aspect of the LPG business” he added.

For past several years OGRA had made it mandatory for all LPG stakeholders to obtain licenses for transportation of LPG from the Department of Explosives (DOE). Then in January 2020 OGRA directed all LPG marketing companies to apply for additional licenses for transportation of LPG from OGRA within 15 days of the issuance of the letter failing which OGRA had directed all LPG producers and terminals to stop loading of LPG.

A delegation of PLPGMA then called upon Member (Gas) Muhammad Arif and apprised him of the ordeal that LPG marketing companies were facing in complying with the divergent and (sometimes) conflicting standards adopted by OGRA and DOE to regulate LPG. The delegation had also briefed the newly appointed Member (Gas) of the looming shortage of LPG in the country if new conditions were abruptly introduced during the peak winter season.