ISLAMABAD-The government has in principle decided to initiate an inquiry against Mayor Islamabad for alleged corruption that Sheikh Anser categorically denies.

A well-placed source at a highly designated government post revealed on condition of anonymity that the government is about to initiate an inquiry against the Mayor of Islamabad over a massive corruption case.

Explaining about the type of case being prepared against the Mayor, the official stated that Metropolitan Cooperation Islamabad was paying up to Rs1 billion to sanitary contractors hired by the mayor to keep the city clean and green.

But unfortunately, the Mayor is unable to provide efficient sanitary service in Islamabad, said the official on condition of anonymity.

The source further declared that despite the poor performance by sanitary contractors in Islamabad hired by the Mayor, the MCI still wanted to increase the payments up to further 100 percent for sanitary contractors. Explaining in figures, the source revealed that now they (MCI) want to pay Rs2 billion to sanitary contractors despite of their poor service in this regard.

When The Nation contacted the Director Sanitation Department of Metropolitan Cooperation Islamabad Sardar Zimri and discussed the allegation upon which an inquiry was to get started anytime from now, the official clearly denied and refused to accept any of the misconduct that they were being alleged off.

Director Sanitation MCI further elaborated that the contractors were not being paid for months.

According to him, their 4-month salary was due till today. When The Nation inquired about their willingness to increase the payments to the sanitary contractors, the incumbent refused and stressed that they had never paid any of the payments as they were short of funds and did not had the financial department.

Zimri stressed that the payments to sanitary contractors were allocated by the Capital development Authority and not them. He stated that the allegations being generated by the government were baseless and had no truth but was rather a political propaganda against the Mayor of Islamabad.

Anser Sheikh when reached by this correspondent, also denied the allegations and said that the authorities were doing this owing to his political background. The allegations are baseless, said the Mayor.