LAHORE              -               Mushaal Hussein Mullick, wife of jailed Kashmiri Hurriyat leader Yasin Malik, Wednesday said the world powers must understand the sensitivity of the Kashmir dispute as it could threaten the world’s peace. The world must understand that the Kashmir dispute between the two nuclear-armed neighbours was a clear danger to the global security and the international community must rescue the Kashmiri people from Indian persecution, rape and slavery, on the Kashmir Solidarity Day. “I know freedom cannot be won with a magic wand and the Kashmir issue cannot be resolved in weeks but what the world organizations, the intelligentsia, and the human rights bodies can do is to highlight our sorry plight and show the world how we are suffering,” she stressed. Mushaal Mullick said, there was no time-frame for getting freedom as it might take generations to win liberation. The Kashmiris had the will to pursue the dream of freedom despite atrocities and barbarianism of the Indian forces. She said the Government of Pakistan was raising the voice for the Kashmiri people in a very strong manner. However, in the aftermath of Indian government’s August 5 decisions, there was need to formulate a Kashmir policy on war-footing to win support from the international governments and the Muslim Ummah.

  “Ours is a peaceful political struggle and I would make every effort to internationalize it and shake the world conscience,” she added.