PESHAWAR/KHYBER - Like other parts of the country, Kashmir

Solidarity Day was observed on Wednesday in all districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

with a pledge to continue political and

moral support of the Kashmiri people until they get rid of Indian aggression. People from all walks of life including political

leaders, tribal elders, religious elites, traders, and students took part in rallies in

connection with Kashmir Solidarity Day.

The protesters while carrying pro-Kashmir banners marched from Charwazgai

square to Bacha Khan Chowk, main Landi

Kotal bazaar.

Addressing on the occasion speakers including Malik Abdurrazaq, Assistant Commissioner, Landi Kotal Muhammad Imran,

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf local leader Haji

Zerbullah Shinwari and others said that

the whole nation was united to extend

every possible support to their Kashmiri brothers to win freedom of India. They

added that for the last seven decades, the

innocent Kashmiris had been subjugated

to inhuman atrocities by the Indian forces

that put a question mark on the silent attitude of the civilised world.

They assured that time would come that

the Kashmir would be freed and the Kashmiris would serve their lives as per their


Meanwhile, the Christian community of

Landi Kotal also expressed their solidarity with Kashmiri people by holding a protest demonstration here in front of local

press club.

The rally was led by minority Member

Provincial Assembly, Wilson Wazir scores

of local Christian along with local police

officials and members of civil society carried banners inscribed with slogan in favour of Kashmiri people.

Speaking on the occasion, Wilson Wazir

lauded the efforts of the Prime Minister

Imran Khan, who highlighted the Kashmir

issue effectively at United National forum

and urged the civilised nations to stand by

Kashmiri to get rid of Indian atrocities.

Similarly, Kashmir Day was separately

observed by initiating huge rallies here in

Melwat, Bara and at Bab-e-Khyber, Jamrud

on Wednesday.

A huge rally led by MPA, Shafiq Afridi

and Jamaat-e-Islami leader Shah Faisal Afridi hundreds of locals from various walks

of life marched from Melwat to main Bara

Bazaar where the demo was converted

into a public gathering.

The speakers said that Kashmir was the

jugular vein of Pakistan and every single tribesman would be ready to fight for

the freedom of Kashmir. In the same way

tribesmen took out rally in favor of Kashmiri people at Bab-e-Khyber.

Mohmand tribesmen and political workers took out rallies to express solidarity

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with the Kashmiris. The rallies were taken

out in the leadership of Deputy Commissioner Mohmand Iftikhar Alam in Safi, Ekkaghund baazar, Haleemzai tehsil and other areas.

The rallies were also attended by Additional Deputy Commissioner Mohmand

Syed Saiful Islam, Assistant Commissioner Upper Mohmand Hamid Iqbal, Assistant Commissioner Biazai Abdul Wahab,

Assistant Commissioner Lower Mohmand

Qaiser Khan and a large numbers of tribal elders.

The participants of the rallies carried

banners and placards inscribed with anti-India slogans.

Addressing the rallies, Malik Sahib Dad

Maulana Abdul Haq, Mir Afzal Mohmand,

Maulana Amirullah Junidi, Malik Amir

Nawaz and others said that they would

reaffirm their support with Kashmiris in

their struggles for the right of self-determination. The protesters asked the government to socially boycott the US and

India. They urged the UN to play role to

provide right of self-determination to


In Swabi, the Kashmir Solidarity Day was

observed with great enthusiasm by district

administration, universities, and other educational institutions on Wednesday.

In the district headquarters the rallies

were led by Swabi Deputy Commissioner, Shahid Mahmood and district police officer, Imran Shahid and in four tehsils of

the district by assistant commissioners

and principals of the higher secondary

schools. They were holding placards and

banners inscribed with different slogans

in favour of Kashmir and against the Indian occupation, saying that India could not

suppress the Kashmiris.

The speakers spoke in detail about Indian atrocities, illegal annexation of Kashmir

by India, UN adopted resolutions, delaying

tactics of the world body, lack of interest

of great powers, ending of the special status of Kashmir and continued lockdown of

Kashmir since August 5, 2019. They said

India had indulged in flagrant violation of

UN adopted resolutions and fundamental

human rights, but despite that the cogent

states failed to raise their voices against

the Indian atrocities.

Meanwhile, Jamaat-i-Islami (JI) also observed the Kashmir Solidarity Day. Saeed

Zada, former District Chief in his address

at Karnal Sher Khan Chowk said that it

came as a surprise that the UN and world

powers have failed to come forward and

speak against the continued lockdown of

Kashmir and ending of special status of

Kashmir by Modi’s government.

In Mardan, scores of traders of Mardan

district staged Kashmir Solidarity Rally

on Wednesday. The rally was organised by

Markaz-e-Tanzeem-e-Tajiran-Zahir Shah


The rally started from the Mardan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI) office at Kachari Chowk and changed into

protest meeting. The protesters were

holding banners and chanted slogans

against India over illegal occupation of

Kashmir and atrocities constantly being

inflicted on the Kashmiri people by Indian

armed forces and RSS.

The protest rally was led by provincial general secretary of Markaz-e-Tanzeem-e-Tajiram, Deputy Commissioner

Mohammad Abid Khan, Ghulam Sarwar

Saraf, Waqar Bacha, Chamber President

Kaleemullah and other traders’ representatives and district officials. Addressing the rally, the speakers strongly condemned Indian atrocities in occupied

Kashmir and urged the international community to take notice of Indian brutalities.

They added that the Indian government

has turned Kashmir into a jail from the

last several month, but the international

community has closed their eyes on Kashmir issue. The speakers demanded the international community to take notice of

Kashmir issue. Later on, the protesters

dispersed peacefully.

In Lower Dir, like other areas of the

province, Kashmir Solidarity Day was observed here on Wednesday with a pledge

to support Kashmir in their struggle

against Indian oppression.

A rally in connection with the day was

carried out from Teshsil Chowk that culminated at Press Club. Holding banners

and placards, the protestors condemned

Indian brutalities against innocent Kashmiris in occupied valley.

They were chanting slogans against

Modi government and also demanded the

international organisations to take notice

of the ongoing Indian oppression in occupied valley