LAHORE               -                Provincial Health Minister Dr Yasmeen Rashid on Wednesday said that Narendra Modi by exceeding all limits of inflicting cruelty and oppression on innocent Kashmiris has brought forward his obnoxious and ugly face before the world. The minister expressed these remarks in her message on the occasion of Kashmir solidarity day. “India has become an example of false democracy and barbarity. Modi by getting his inner beast out of him has stained his hands with the blood of thousands of Kashmiris,” she lamented. The oppression inflicted b the Indian government on the unarmed Kashmiri people is being widely condemned across the world. Kashmir will become Pakistan was the common slogan being chanted by everyone, she emphasized. Modi by seizing the right of self-determination to the Kashmiris was making a futile attempt to forcefully impose his oppressive government. The excellent strategy being adopted by Pakistan Army has saved the region of great calamity. Kashmir Solidarity Day was the day to express our complete determination to liberate Occupied Kashmir, she concluded.