KARACHI                -              The tech-savvy youth of Pakistan are registered to have developed a better understanding about Kashmir issue consequently turning all the more sensitive towards the plight of Kashmiris living in Indian occupied valley. This is in a scenario where a generation born since 1990 in IOK, increasingly subjected to human rights abuses by Indian forces, are also becoming more aware of the ways to connect outside world than ever before, thanks to the onset of greater connectivity via internet.

It was thus no surprise that students from different universities and young professionals of Karachi Wednesday sounded far more sensitive and passionate about the cause as compared to their seniors.

A positive aspect was also their peaceful approach that in no manner lacked assertiveness to help the IoK inhabitants struggling for their right to self-determination.

Mursal Alvi, a media science student, was absolutely clear that the tools must be efficiently utilized to impact world opinion about the right of Kashmiris as well as plight of Indian Muslims in general. Modern day world is much more conscientious about human rights abuse and a strong resentment is registered against violators, he said urging Pakistani and Kashmiri youth to make optimum of their skills.

“Internet and social are just some of the present day tools to get across the message and expose atrocities committed against our dear ones in IoK,” said Alvi.

Sidra Muntasir, a student at NED University of Engineering and Technology referring to unprecedented restrictions clamped down in the Indian held valley said occupational forces are fully conscious of the internet relevance.

“I personally feel inter-net connectivity to be a basic right of any human being, almost like air, that opens avenues to connect,” she said.

Prof Shaista Tabbasum, a university teacher with expertise in international politics, acknowledging understanding on part of Pakistani youth suggested need to promote the concept of pro-activity.      She was of the opinion, that despite its flip side, information cum media technology has virtually turned world into a global village.

“It has actually sensitized the young Pakistanis about the conflict that otherwise appeared to have been put on the back burner,” she commented.

To a query about relevance of observing Kashmir Solidarity Day Abdul Majid Khan, CEO of a digital agency and the man behind the popular “Comics by Majid,” was of the opinion that it is a critically needed emotional support for the Kashmiris being actually throttled by Indian government.


“This support is constantly required in view of the atrocities being committed against Indian Muslims in general,” he said.