LAHORE               -              Pakistan Muslim League (PML) Secretary General and Federal Minister Tariq Bashir Cheema, central leader and MNA Moonis Elahi said that their basic agreement with the government was to provide relief to the people. Talking to the media at the residence of Senior Vice-President Ch Salim Baryaar in Sialkot Wednesday, they said, “Our position is clear, other allies should clear their position, being allies of the government we are riding one boat, if the government boat sinks then it would sink due to their wrong decisions, we will not be included in it.” They said the entire nation is demonstrating solidarity with the Kashmiris, no power of the world can stop the Kashmiris from their freedom. They said that the international community should take notice of Indian atrocities in occupied Kashmir and come in the field to stop Indian aggression on the Kashmiris.

India has changed occupied Kashmir in a big jail, they added.

On this occasion, Provincial Minister Bao Rizwan, Ansar Baryaar and Tehrik-e-Insaaf (PTI) leader Omar Farooq Dar were also present.