In a National Assembly session on Thursday, Speaker Asad Qaiser stated that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will address the joint sitting of the parliament on Feb 14. 

The speaker also mentioned that Erdogan will hold consultations with all parliamentary leaders on the matter.

Parliamentary Secretary for Finance Zain Qureshi told the house during a question-answer session that the government is taking necessary steps to ensure fiscal discipline, stabilize economy and accelerate the growth.

He said the process of revamping the economy through structural reforms and stabilizing measures such as broadening the tax base, reforming the public sector enterprises and reducing the fiscal deficit has been started. He said social safety net and development spending are not only protected but enhanced considerably.

The Parliamentary Secretary said the inflation rate is being brought down as a result of series of measures and these included non-borrowing from the State Bank of Pakistan. He rejected the impression that the government is considering to bring a mini budget.

Parliamentary Secretary for Commerce Aliya Hamza Malik told the house that both Pakistan and Iran have conducted negotiations over the establishment of barter trade mechanism and promote cooperation in the fields of customs, agriculture and industry. She said exports are witnessing growth whilst imports have been reduced.