Unemployment is a curse which brings many other adversities, such as, hunger, crime, uncertanity and poverty etc. In other words, it creates socially and ethically wrong activities in a society. It is the root of all criminal activities, such as street crime, mobile snatching, target killing and prostitution. However, the rate of unemployment has increased to a dangerous stage in Pakistan .

According to a report, the rate of unemployment in 2018 was at 4.8pc which has reached at approximately 4.45pc at the start of 2020. According to a survey, 5.8 million people are jobless in Pakistan who can eventually indulge in the list of addictives, gamblers and street criminals,the list of the jobless people is likely to grow up in 2021 which is alarming.

It is my request to the government that they should create job opportunities for the people of Pakistan to decrease the rate of unemployment.