The unscheduled loadshedding and massive power outages have brought misery to lives of the people all across the country. It is devastating to see people suffering for long hours many times a day. We are more or less helpless against it. This is due to the widening gap between electricity production and its consumption by domestic, commercial and industrial consumers throughout the country. The question now is that how can one now increase power generation in the public and private sectors minimizing the consumption at the same time. The situation is such that ordinary citizens will have to contribute for a solution. I propose that the commercial markets and shopping malls should be closed earlier than midnight. Also, we all must show concern about saving electricity and try to use it efficiently in our homes. One must understand, though, that many problems concerning the energy crisis are too big for the WAPDA authorities to handle overnight. -A CONCERNED CITIZEN, via e-mail, December 29.