The recent carnage of Palestinians in Gaza at the hands of Israeli air force-the fourth largest in the world-has made the situation in the region more uncertain than was ever before during the last two decades. The prospects of peace have become murky but the most tragic fact is the spineless reaction of the international community evoked by Israel's atrocious act of brutality. The flaccid and feckless leadership of the United States and Great Britain remain unstinting in their support to Israel in the face of worldwide protests against this savagery. Israel commenced its aerial bombardment on Gaza on December 26 in retaliation to rockets fired on southern cities of Israel. The aerial sortie has resulted in killing of more than 500 Palestinians with above two thousand wounded of whom many would die in the days to come. Earlier, Israel with its plans to bring Hamas government on its knees, imposed a severe blockade on little strip under Hamas' control inhabited by 1.5 million people. This blockade has led to ravaging Gaza's economy, pushing half of its population below poverty line, compelling innocent children scavenging for food in streets and causing a shortfall in supply of medicine. The economic blockade has also emasculated Gaza's institutions and triggered inter-factional violence destroying the remnants of social cohesion. It goes without saying that Israel by employing military means is pursuing a self-defeating strategy that is most likely to boomerang by injuring its interests rather than securing peaceful existence. Israel acts under a self-delusion that in the wake of bombardment Hamas will start toeing Israel's line and abandon its decades-long resistant stance. The leadership of Hamas is well aware of the fact that Mahmood Abbas' reconciliatory stance has achieved nothing on the peace front with Israel. The movement led by Hamas feeds on Israel's atrocities and its leaders garner support from the public by adopting a firm stance and not bowing down following Palestinian Authority's suit. The survey polls prior to conflict suggested Hamas' support was waning in Gaza as it could not relieve the inhabitants of increasing burden of inflationary pressures. But Israel's blunder has turned things around much to the advantage of Hamas and given a new lease of life to its debilitating movement. The Hamas' exiled leader has given a call to the Palestinians for raising third intifada against Israel. Thousands of people in the West Bank have protested and chanted slogans showing solidarity with Hamas. Perhaps Israel wants to unleash its revenge on Gaza by bombarding the civilians to death. It is evident from media reports that most of the victims of Israeli assault are innocent civilians including women and children. Israel not only blatantly violates Security Council Resolutions but also acts in contravention of norms of International humanitarian Law. Why does the UN turn out to be a mere debating club when big powers or their allies are engaged in violent activities? Why is the US betraying the dreams of the founding fathers: George Washington wanted the US to be a watchdog of liberty in the remotest corner of the world but his successors are bringing shame to the statue of liberty. Israel-Palestine conflict has a long history and its resolution demands patience, determination and political will. Israel cannot avoid the reality of Palestinian state and the best option for both parties is to support the 2002 Arab peace plan initiated by Saudi Arabia. The major powers should pressurize Israel to agree to talk on fundamental thorny issues and fulfilling UNSC Resolutions. The Arab peace plan envisages acceptance of Israel as legitimate state and normalization of their relations by the Arab countries if the armistice is effected on the basis of pre-1967 territorial boundaries. E-mail: