LAHORE - The first day of the business week Monday witnessed Karachi bourse gained for a second straight trading session adding 2.14 percent while investors eagerly waiting for the launch of government bailout fund. The Karachi Stock Exchange's benchmark KSE-100 index gained 124.33 points to close at 5,917.90. The optimistic signs are obvious when at mid-session the index had gained over 162 points before dropping back to 124 points at the closing session. Volume was remained 210.111 million shares, more than Friday's level and near the average 250 million shares that was the daily routine when bourse was considered to be a best performer market in Asia in 2007. Shares have taken U-turn after Thursday close. At that time the bourse had already been lost 37 per cent of its value since December 15, when regulators removed a "floor" imposed in August to stop heavy losses on the KSE-100. Investor confidence has been on the upsurge since the Advisor to PM on Finance Shaukat Tarin had announced last week that the state-owned National Investment Trust and State Enterprise Fund (NIT-SEF) would soon be active and purchase ill-fated shares from market and would pass on them to expatriate Pakistanis living in different countries of the world. These entities funded by state institutions and a consortium of banks would invest over Rs 20 billion ($250 million) in a bid to boost the market. Analysts are of the view that this market supporting fund could be launched at any time in the current week while investors and brokers are already in high spirit and moral fibre. A senior analyst said the good news of launching market supporting fund anytime within current week has already immensely encouraged local investors who are now on a buying spree. While the fact is that foreign investors still prefer to sell their shares and it would take significant time to convince them to remain intact with the bourse and refrain from flighting of their capital to their respective countries. It would be pertinent to note that foreign investors had already withdrawn over $440 million of a total of 1.8 billion dollars from the KSE in 2008. Today KSE market was opened with negative note but government sponsored institutions supported the KSE by purchasing banking and cement sectors shares and turned the bourse into positive column. So with the passage of time, the bourse got momentum and gained over 160 points but at the closing session the market came back on 124 points. Whereas in the KSE bourse, 194 scrips recorded gain, 75 landed in the negative column and no scrip remained unchanged out of a total of 269 companies. On Monday at KSE, volumewise leader remained TRG shares. On the other hand, Lahore Stock Exchange (LSE) also spurred by the launching of bailout fund and turned to positive column on second consecutive time after removal of 'floor' while LSE-index gaining 49.07 points and wrapped up at 1528.35 points. At KSE, TRG Pakistan being a wolumewise leader gained its value of Re 0.57 closed at Rs 2.85 with volume of 16,083,000 shares followed by Oil and Gas Dev shares which also gained their values of Rs 2.33 closed at Rs 49.27 with volume of 15,281,900 shares. Whereas, NIB Bank, Zeal Pak and PTCLA shares gained their values of Re 0.71, Re 0.13 and Re 0.10 closed at Rs 6.01, Re 0.71 and Rs 15.61 with volumes of 12,772,500, 12,647,000 and 8,088,500 shares respectively. Hub Power, WorldCall Telecom and Pak PTA Ltd also gained their values of Re 1.00, Re 0.74 and Re 0.14 closed at Rs 16.45, Rs 4.23 and Rs 2.09 with volumes of 7,813,000, 6,649,500 and 6,634,500 shares respectively. While MCB Bank Limited lost its value of Rs 5.30 closed at Rs 108.52 with volume of 6,575,500 shares. Whereas National Bank, United Bank, Pak Petroleum and Lucky Cement gained their values over Rs 1.00. Meanwhile, the KSE-30 index also landed into positive column and gained 98.55 points wrapped up at 5439.77 points while KMI-30 index also gained 234.77 points closed at 7067.21 points.