Karachi (PPI) - Sindh Government should consider allocation of new pieces of land to City District Government Karachi for the construction of Inter-City Bus Terminals at two gateways of the city. CDGK District Officer for Parking and Terminal Management Qazi Abdul Qadir while talking to PPI at his office said the land allotted earlier for Bus Termini has become controversial and if provincial government could not play its role to resolve the issue then it must play due role by allotting new lands to CDGK for Bus Termini. The major stakeholders should also give special funds for the construction of Bus Termini or CDGK could go on "Build, Operate and Transfer' (BOT) system for the purpose, he said. The understanding is lacking between CDGK and provincial government and the situation is worsening with every passing day, he said. The stakeholders should think in greater interest of the city, he added. The project is in impasse now and the Bus Terminals could never be constructed if provincial government does not work for the Karachiites, he said. "Removal of encroachment is the function of CDGK but for that purpose we require help from Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) which is under provincial government and not ready to help us, he said. Even the court in 2008 has given ruling in our favor for Super Highway Bus Termini, he added. If CDGK would remove encroachment on its own then it would create serious law and order situation because we would have to raze cemented houses, he said. "Our Nazim could approach CCPO at most and the encroachments could only be removed in the presence of LEAs as the law and order situation would not rise, he added. The PPP government focuses more on the development of Hamlets, villages and rural development, he said. He contended that Karachi itself is a mini Pakistan and the decision makes should think about it first. The Inter-City Bus Terminals were supposed to be established at three gateways of the city for inter-provincial buses to alleviate the congestion problem in the city, he recalled. The Board of Revenue allotted 45-acre land for bus termini at one of the three gateways at Super Highway in 1995 which was 9 kilometres away from Sohrab Goth, he said. Earlier it was assumed by the transporters that the land was far away from the city and that is why they resisted the construction of bus termini at Super Highway, he said. But now the concept has been changed with the advent of signal free corridors which has shortened timing of long distances, he added. The Traffic Engineering Bureau a simple directorate of KDA used to deal with transportation during 1990s and its decision makers didn't implement the scheme of bus termini on the allotted land, he said. Later the land grabbers encroached major part of land at Super Highway which was 30 acres, he claimed. However, at that time 15 acre land was saved by a contractor who was constructing road there as he erected boundary wall around that 15 acre land, he said. The City government managed to make RCD Highway functional on the second gateway of the city for Balochistan bound buses in December 2006, he said. He added due to land grabbers we couldn't intact total land of RCD Highway Termini as we have got 12 acres land out of the total 15 acres which was supposed to be allocated. On National Highway District Council allotted 80 acres land to Malir Town out of which 15 acre was earmarked to transport department and we got the possession but government of Sindh and Board of Revenue in 2004 re-allotted that land to Tessori group, he said. The land was the part of Malir Development Authority Scheme, he added. He said that now there are some chances that we can develop our stake on National Highway land as the last regime is not in power. During the last four years not a single inch of land has been allocated to City District Government Karachi and the new government has withdrawn the allotted land where some construction had taken place said senior official at EDO Revenue Office CDGK on strong condition of anonymity. The Termini could have been constructed at Super Highway as during last government the CDGK had invited bids to construct bus termini on 15 acre land out of 45 acre land, he said. We had received the bid and it was decided to construct the termini phase-wise as we had intended to accommodate NWFP and Pakistan Occupied Kashmir buses in the first phase, then Punjab buses in second phases and last was rest of the Sindh, he added. But the Nazim rejected this idea as he wanted to develop bus termini at once on 45 acre of land, he said. The officials had suggested nazim that we could retrieve 30 acres of encroached land if once the construction was started there but Nazim was not in favour of this idea, he added.