LAHORE - Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Central Majlise Shoora through a resolution has asked the government to leave Musharraf-era policies and frame such policies, which provide the people a better living standard, and they could lead a life as a sovereign nation. The JI has also called for ending military operation in NWFP and Balochistan as a measure to create cohesion and a strong bond between the people and the armed forces as well as to remove misgivings between them. It also demanded restrictions on the passage of Nato supplies through Pakistan and denying intelligence support to Americans in Afghanistan. The Shoora resolved that India was creating war situation in the region on the basis of partial attitude of the international powers against Muslims so that it can assume the policeman role in the region. However, India would repent if it attacked Pakistan and would also be responsible if nuclear weapons are used in that clash. The resolution termed the Mumbai attacks a deep and well thought international conspiracy on the style of 9/11 which aims at allowing America and India to shed more blood of Pakistanis at will and choice. It said the craze for war of the imperialistic forces has ruined the international economy. On Kashmir and Palestine issues, the Shoora resolution said, the international institutions and the world community have adopted double standards towards the Muslims while the military intervention in Iraq and Afghanistan has made the situation more tense and serious. It said in order to win elections, Indian Congress Party is fanning sentiments of the fanatic Hindus against Pakistan. The resolution also expressed concern over the attitude of the government over the looming threats to the country and said, the aims of the enemy are obvious but our foreign policy is marked by contradictions and is based on a coward and weak posture which has landed Pakistan in to an ever deeper trouble. It said taking advantage of Mumbai incident, India desires to force Pakistan on a back-foot on Kashmir dispute and also deny the Kashmiris their right to self-determination. Not that but India also intends to stifle Pakistan voice at the international level on Baglehar Dam issue by exploiting the same incident. The resolution said on the support of America, India wants to keep Pakistan under pressure on its Eastern border to make it more subservient to US dictates that are aim at forcing Pakistan to roll back its nuclear capability. It said despite these glaring facts, the government was unable to deal with the situation with commitment, intelligence, and boldness and the fear is looming large that the rulers might be covertly forced to strike any agreement of far reaching negative impact on the country. The JI said in order to meet the aggressive designs of the enemy, a close liaison and coordination between the people and the army is a must but the government instead of encouraging that situation was pursuing such measures which were taking the two further away. Through another resolution the JI has condemned the killing of innocent persons in Karachi in the recent past and called for taking strict actions against the organisations, which were creating law and order situation in Karachi. It also called for replacing the Sindh Governor.