KARACHI - Naib Ameer Jamaat-e-Islami (JI), Professor Ghafoor Ahmed has strongly condemned Israeli attack on Gaza killing more than 450 Palestinians and said innocent Muslims were being slaughtered all over the world only because of the cowardice of Muslim rulers. "Israel has become the top terrorist in the world and if the international community does not halt the Zionist atrocities against Muslims then the Christians will also become target of Israeli terrorism", Ghafoor said while addressing a protest rally held here on Monday against the Israeli attack on Gaza. JI Karachi chief Mohammad Hussain Mehanti, Hafiz Naeemur Rehman, Laiq Khan, Hameedullah Khan, Narasrullah Shajee and others also spoke on the occasion. The participants of the rally were chanting slogans the US and Israel. Prof Ghafoor further said that Christians would be the next target of Israeli brutalities and urged them to raise their voices against the killings of Palestinian Muslims in Gaza. Mehanti said that real terrorists of the world were America, Israel and India whereas all Muslims in the world are victim of terrorism of this troika. He expressed concerns that Muslim civilians were being annihilated mercilessly but the UN and other so-called human rights bodies were keeping criminal silence over it. He said the UNSC and other global organisations were in fact the guardians of Zionist and US interests, and Muslims should not expect any good from them. He alleged the Muslim rulers were also agents of colonialists while the OIC had also once again proved itself a pawn in US hands. Meanwhile, Imamia Students Organisation (ISO) announced to launch the Hemayat-e-Palestine Movement against the aggression of Zionist regime and killings of innocent Palestinian People. Addressing a press conference at Karachi Press Club, ISO Karachi leader Ali Raza said that during this campaign, his party would hold protest demonstrations and rallies to express solidarity with the Gazans. He said the demonstrations would be launched from 9th of Muharram and participants of the central mourning procession would stage protest rally at M A Jinnah Road while those present on 10th Muharram would organise token sit-in protest at Tibet Centre. Raza added that ISO would stage countrywide protests on the 11th of Muharram against the killings of innocent Palestinian Muslims in Gaza, adding the central "Difa-e-Gaza Rally" will be held on 11th January from Numaish Chowrangi to Karachi Press Club. He said that ISO was contacting other student organisations to hold rallies in educational institutions against the Israeli aggression and silence of the Arab and Muslim rulers. He demanded of the Pakistani government to immediately convene a meeting of the OIC and UN Security Council to stop the massacre of Palestinian Muslims.