KARACHI - The 30 per cent reduction in the price of lubricants is still being awaited by the general public, The Nation learnt here on Monday. Sources said that the international lubricants marketing companies abroad have reduced the prices of lubricants by Rs 30 per litre but except the local private companies, the oil marketing companies, had yet not extended this relief to the consumers in the country. There are 40 private companies in the country which have passed on decline of Rs30 per litre in the lubricants prices to the consumers, but the OMCs were still reluctant to bring down prices of lubricants that was a sheer exploitation of the buyers of lubricants, said sources. The oil prices dropped from $146 per barrel to $33.17 per barrel. This sharp drop in the oil prices was also reflected in the domestic fuel oil prices by the government. But ironically, the mega oil marketing companies, which are purchasing lubricants at lower rate from the foreign market were seems interested to pass it on to the local consumers. Sources disclosed that the OMCs were using the excuse of high mark up and devaluation of rupee for not reducing the prices of lubricants. But why the OMCs were not following the example of the private companies that have already reduced the prices. "This is great unjust with the consumers and the general public. Whenever there is a petroleum price hike in the global markets, the government and the oil companies eagerly transfer this to the public. On the contrary, we have to wait patiently for its reduction after reducing oil prices," said a citizen. "We partially appreciate the step of government to reduce petrol price but not satisfied with it. There is a massive reduction in petroleum prices internationally but in the local market companies and government want to earn revenue only through petroleum products," he added. "We demand of the government to force the mega oil companies to reduce the prices of lubricants, as they are still very high in the local market," he further added. The industrialists also protested on the issue of the hiked up lubricant prices. "The lubricant is used for the lubrication of the machinery. The amount of lubricant consumed for this purpose is huge, not only in quantity but also in price. The purchase price of this lubricant is Rs.700 per litre. No reduction in its price has increased burden on our financial conditions," said an industrialist. Worth noting is that the lubricants prices had been doubled when the international crude oil prices hit the highest benchmark of 147 dollars/barrel. However, as the crude oil prices have fallen close to 35 dollars/barrel, the international companies were still fleecing the consumers by selling lubricants at exorbitant rates.