ISLAMABAD- Pakistan needs no waiver from IMF as it has already fulfilled Fund's conditions for standby loan's second tranche, claimed Finance Advisor Shaukat Tarin, while vowing to cut interest rates as soon as inflation eases down. Talking to TheNation Monday evening, the Advisor admitted that pressures would remain on the revenue." But you need to understand that Federal Board of Revenue's collection is not the sole source of revenues for the government," he observed. Answering a question with reference to the missed half-yearly target of revenue collection by the FBR, Tarin said, "It was not the target given by the IMF. The Fund had given us two targets: one, to improve tax to GDP ratio, and second, to contain overall fiscal deficit to a prescribed limit, and we have, so far, achieved both. For making up of revenue target we would be relying on random tax audit, while expenditure cuts would enable us to contain deficit within limits," he went on. "Although we missed six monthly target of revenue collection required for overall tax to GDP ratio, still we have six months to go and that too, for sure, would be months of revival of economy as compared to preceding ones threatening default," he maintained. "Therefore there is no question of Pakistan seeking any waiver from the IMF since we are on track if not on midyear targets," Tarin said expressing confidence to get second tranche of $760 million on time. Regarding the revival of investment sentiment, Tarin shared the opinion that no business initiation or expansion could take place with existing rates of inflation, interest rates and above all law and order. However, quoting the abating trends in the inflationary pressures, Tarin promised to slash the interest rates that according to him were hovering around 19 per cent after central bank's recent jack of two per cent to 15 per cent. "We would certainly be able to cut interest rates for investment promotion but only after inflation subsides," he maintained. Mentioning about the noted revival of sentiment in the stock market after injection of Rs 20 billion by the state-owned National Investment Trust, Tarin said, " It reflects that the economy, too, was heading towards stabilization as well as recovery." Underlining law and order as the pre-requisite to restoration of investment sentiment, the PM's Advisor on Finance and Economic Affairs shared with TheNation his frequent interaction, directly and through proper channels, with Advisor on Interior Rehman Malik. "Obviously law and order is not in my purview, and what I could do is to prompt the concerned or apex authorities about criticality of security and stability situations conducive to the investment revival," he concluded.